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“Let us bring New Orleans to you!”
El Portal Theatre Mardi Gras Rock Show
You may wonder, “What’s the music scene like in New Orleans outside of jazz?” Maybe you’re wondering, “What is a Mardi Gras Indian?” “Does rock & roll mix with Mardi Gras Indians?” Well, the exciting answer to this question is “YES! They do mix!” “...And we searched all over Bourbon Street trying to find this kind of authentic show and almost gave up until we found them, wow! Big Pearl & Big Chief gave us the true dat New Orleans experience we were looking for!” as a fan gushed from Asheville, North Carolina. “They made me believe in music again”, exclaimed fans from New York! “Wow, wow, wow!” 

So here in North Hollywood (NOHO), California at the El Portal Theatre, we are bringing to you for a ‘one-night only’ engagement, the “Mardi Gras Rock Show of New Orleans”, featuring and introducing power vocalist Lani Ramos and Mardi Gras Indian, Big Chief Alfred Doucette. Ramos known to some as Big Pearl, packs a killer punch in vocal style coupled with high energy dance moves. Surly you’ll be mesmerized. Big Chief Alfred Doucette will present his fabulous one-of-a-kind Mardi Gras Indian suit for a few songs and then changing into his street suit wear. You’ll find this man full of charm, charisma, and showmanship as he pays tribute to his Indian ancestors who hid runaway slaves during the slave trade days of Louisiana. This is how & why Mardi Gras Indians came to be 125 years ago and, by which now today, are called “Black-masking Indians”. These two locally well-known entertainers are leaders together. A dynamic duo of sorts, Doucette and Ramos have sung and performed together for 18 years in New Orleans & moving into the beyond. Their first show in NOHO was in April 2019. Now at almost 83, Chief Doucette is always on the move and moving forward. He is a New Orleans treasure.

Lani Ramos is a powerhouse vocalist living and performing in New Orleans for 23 years, originally hailing from Glendale, California. For obvious reasons, show business has always been in her blood since age 8 as a performing artist and producing her first talent show segment at age 10. Ramos states she was reborn New Orleans in 2000 upon her move to the Crescent City. A guitarist named the band Big Pearl in 2003 upon the indecision of renaming it too anything else but the Jivey Jam band. Ramos is no stranger to the El Portal Theatre having been casted in a performance and musical review of Rock’in Ron’s killer production of the “27 Club: Jimi, Janis and The Doors”, where Ramos played, you guessed it, the role of Joplin and went on to be voted into the top 5 picks, landing at number 3, in “who could play Joplin” in the singer’s bio-pic. Outside of the Joplin mania, Ramos prides herself in her own body of original compositions with 3 records and working toward the next record deal. With dozens more of originals to record, this powerhouse singer is ready to start recording.

You’ll enjoy music performances of Mardi Gras Indian songs penned by Doucette, New Orleans 50’s classic rock & roll songs, like, Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill”, Earl King’s “Let The Good Times Roll”, 70’s classic sounds of Bill Withers “Use Me”, and Sly & the Family Stone “If You Want Me To Stay”. Of course, for you Joplin fans, a song from her collection will round out the shows classic cover songs mixed with original compositions by both artists. A perfect blend of covers and originals for the whole family to enjoy!

So come on down to the “Mardi Gras Rock Show of New Orleans” at the El Portal Theatre presented by BPE ENTERTAINMENT for one-night only! You simply cannot miss this special engagement on Thursday, November 16th @ 7:30 P.M. Join the fun!

For more background information on the artists and Mardi Gras Indian history please Google:

Lani Ramos New Orleans

Big Chief Alfred Doucette 

Mardi Gras Indians

Black Masking Indians
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