El Portal Theatre
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Seats: 360

Single Day: $3000 plus labor

Two Consecutive Days: $5,000 plus labor

Three Consecutive Days: $6,000 plus labor

Full 7-day week: $10,000 plus labor

Runs of over 4 weeks qualify for discounts

The house equipment is professional quality and must be operated by our technicians.  If you need additional technicians, we can staff additional people at the rate of $25/hr.  Should the production wish to provide their own technicians IN ADDITION to the house technicians, you may do so as long as they are approved by our Technical Director.

Click Here to see the Technical Specifications

Required Labor:

Technical Director at $35/hr.  The TD will be your point person for all on-stage technical questions prior to moving into the theatre.  He will co-ordinate your show – sets, lighting, and sound elements – with our equipment at the theatre.  The TD will also be the trouble-shooter during your production who will have the responsibility to oversee all technical elements and repair or correct anything that may go awry.

Light Board Operator at $25/hr.  The LBO’s primary responsibility is to program and run your lighting cues.  Prior to programming the LBO will work with the TD and other available personnel to hang and focus your light plot.

Sound Board Operator at $25/hr.  The SBO’s primary responsibility is to run the sound board during your production.  Prior to that, the SBO will run appropriate cabling and microphones (if needed), configure on-stage monitors, and assist with lighting hang and focus. 

House Manager at $35/hr.  The House Manager is responsible for monitoring lobby activity, securing the doors, and coordinating the audience with the performance by tearing tickets, assisting with seating, fielding audience questions or problems, and closing up the front of house at the end of the performance.



El Portal welcomes production shoots of all kinds.  For production shoot rental rates and to schedule a tour of the venue, please contact the Administration Offices: 818-508-0281.

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