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September 29

$65 - Tier 1
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$40 - Tier 4

El Portal Theatre Groucho

The acclaimed Frank Ferrante, a fantastic actor in his own right, is America's leading Groucho Marx expert and he will thrill you with song, excite you with drama, and make you laugh until your sides hurt with comedy!  Accompanied by the spectacular Gerald Sternbach on piano.

The Critics agree - "Nothing short of masterful"
– Chicago Tribune

"Artful... Mr. Ferrante's timing is digital sharp.”
– The New York Times

"Ferrante does for Groucho... what Hal Holbrook does with his Mark Twain tribute: Channel a great American humorist." 
– The Seattle Times

"See this man. He is comic genius." 
– The Seattle Weekly

– Chicago Reader, Critics Choice

"Pick of the Week" 
– The Washington Post

"Pick of the Week" 
– Chicago Sun-Times

"What Mr. Ferrante offers is a re-creation accurate and rooted in character." 
– London Times

"Frank Ferrante won awards for his Broadway performance... and had I a bagful at my disposal right now I would send them right round to the theatre by special messenger." 
– London Daily Mail

"His comedy timing is right on cue. An affectionate, funny and unsentimental portrait... a truly delightful show" 
– Hollywood Reporter

"Uncanny... astonishing" 
– L.A. Weekly

– The London Telegraph

"Truly astounding" 
– Los Angeles Daily News

"Outrageously good" 
– London Daily Express


Sunday, Sept. 29, 2024 @ 3 pm

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